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Here she is,Miss Texas Teen 2004,Jessica!And your next Miss Texas 2005,Miss USA,Miss America,and Miss Universe!She is on a roll,and is winning local contests right and left! FreshFilmFaces.com


Jessica is a tumbler,competive cheerleader,gymnast,dancer,and 2-time  pageant winner.After she graduates high school,she plans to move to Hollywood,California, and beome an actress in movies,attend UCLA and be a cheerleader there,(sorry,guys,she's engaged to a wonderful, handsome, guy,I'm sure that she will make a great wife,he's a lucky guy,her future husband).She also is your next Miss Texas 2005,Miss America,and Miss Universe.Then she will a supermodel after that.All that,plus she is studying medicine at UCLA,where she will be a cheerleader,also.

I hope you girls are eating your Wheaties!

Coming soon to FFF,dudes,yes,that's right,dudes.Check back for that.

We are always looking for new talent and stars.Mail in your pictures and videos to:Brian Sietman,POB 523,Cardiff by the SEA,Ca.92007 Ph:760-591-6877 Email:freshfilmfaces@yahoo.com Submissions should be on film prints,CD,DVD,or VHS,or email your videos,any quality is fine.We also need voice over people for commercials on radio and TV.